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Yerba mate, our ally for beauty.

08 de April de 2015

Did you know that the national brewing excellence , in addition to the benefits for our health , is now an inevitable ingredient in beauty treatments ?

Let us wrap all its magic and enjoy its benefits for ourselves each time more beautiful .

In the beginning, the Guarani used yerba mate to purify the blood and restore hair color . For them , it was a refreshing elixir that also gave them strength and energy.

This tree native to southern Brazil , Paraguay and northern Argentina , has ” xanthinas ” tonic , firming and circulation -stimulating substances. Therefore , it is ideal for application in massage creams . Today, thanks to its lipogenic action ( dissolves fat ) and the contribution of technology , you can extract the properties of this tea and used in beauty products.

Did you know?

According: Clarín Entre Mujeres

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